The Co-operative Travel Top Affordable Caribbean Breaks


Indulge in tropical cocktails

For most people, the very thought of a trip to the Caribbean tends to conjure up images of turquoise waters, powder white beaches, sizzling sunshine and lush foliage. Happily, this is all quite close to fact. Include a laid-back atmosphere, tropical breezes, sumptuous local cuisine, and a diverse culture, and you’re pretty much spot on.

No matter where you go in the Caribbean, you’ll find yourself having unforgettable experiences and a holiday that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and eager to come back and sample more of what the Caribbean has to offer. At The Co-operative Travel, you can choose from a great selection of fabulous Caribbean holidays, each of which has something unique and exciting to offer.

Three top affordable Caribbean holidays with The Co-operative Travel

Many people are keen to escape to a paradisiacal destination and get away from the stresses of daily life for a week or two. However, with the current financial climate the way it is, most people are having to be mindful about how much they spend on their annual holiday. At The Co-operative Travel you can choose from a great selection of affordable yet incredible Caribbean

Three Days in Athens


A destination steeped in history

A destination steeped in history, rich in culture and filled with some amazing sights and attractions, Athens is a hugely popular holiday destination. This is a bustling city soaked in glorious sunshine, with breathtaking sights, exciting adventures, and thousands of years of heritage.

The capital city of Greece, Athens has been called the cradle of Western civilisation, which provides an insight into the length of its history. People flock to Athens for a variety of reasons, which means that visitors there are made up of people from all walks of life. Whether you are a history buff, a culture vulture, a sun-worshipper, or someone just looking for a great time with vibrant nightlife, you will find everything you want in Athens.

How to make the most of your three-day Athens trip

Not everyone who travels to Athens is able to stay for a lengthy period. For those who are only planning to be in the city for a few days, you need to make the most of your short time in this stunning destination.

Day 1 – Explore the local area and enjoy taking in the nightlife

Once you arrive in Athens on your

Palma: Dancing with the devil


Will you face your demons or run from them?

Fire-wielding men dressed as the devil chase Gavin Haines through the streets of Palma de Mallorca. The festive season is upon us.

“They chase you with fireworks. It’s not dangerous, but you might get burned.” And so begins my introduction to the Fiesta Sant Sebastià (Saint Sebastian Festival) in Palma, whose sodden streets throng with expectant revellers, mixed messages and the reassuring sight of fire engines, poised ready to extinguish something or someone.

I wait anxiously, listening to drums echo down the street, getting nearer with every beat. In the distance the darkness lifts under the glow of fire: they’re getting nearer.

“You run with them or you run from them,” explains the young girl next to me, her blue eyes flickering with the approaching fire. She’s talking about the pitchfork-wielding men, dressed as devils, who are now running towards us.

“They represent evil and fire is a symbol of purification,” she says. “If you run, you are running from evil and if you stay, they will purify you.”

“You might get burned.”

And at that, she’s off; choosing to flee rather than face her demons, who are now running amok in the

A Luxury Ride to the Theater

I knew that I was going to need to figure out transportation for a large group of us who wanted to go to a new theater production about an hour away. There were so many things to figure out since such a large group was going. I wanted all of us to stay together, and it seemed the only way that could possibly happen was to rent a bus to go there. I went online and found a link that said to click here for luxury bus information, which I did.

I was happy when I saw the buses that were available. While a traditional bus still would have been preferable to 50 of us driving there on our own, I was happy to see that this was not a traditional bus at all. I imagine that most people would use this as a party bus, probably mostly for a bachelor or bachelorette party or a wedding. However, it fit perfectly with our own needs too. I knew that the other members of the group would really like this too, and we had plenty of money in our budget to allow for such a luxury rental. Continue reading

Let the Party Come to You

If you are planning a night out on the town in Toronto then let the party come to you by going to the Party Bus headquarters They have party busses of all sizes to fit your needs and professional chauffeurs to get you to your destination safely. Each party bus is equipped with the latest sound system gear with incredible light shows and a mini bar to keep the party going on the road. Are you looking to arrive in style? A night out on the town just partying with friends? Whatever your party needs Diamond Party Bus has you covered.

You can rent a party bus for a few hours or the entire evening and know you’ll arrive at your destination on time and safe because each Party Bus is driven by a professional chauffer with the latest in GPS technology. Continue reading

Use Electric Scooter for Eco-Friendly Travel 

Vehicles are the best friends of man for travelling nowadays. Nothing is more convenient than a vehicle to travel. Traditionally vehicles are run by fossil fuel. But with the advancement of the technology, there are electric vehicles in the market and these are available almost in all the places.

Of the electric vehicles, cars and scooters are the most popular. Electric vehicles are the future of the motorcycle industry. Now eco-friendly electric scooters for adults are become popular day by day. But why they are the future? Here we will find out the secret.

Why eco-friendly vehicles?

All the traditional vehicles at present are run by gasoline like gas and oil. These are fossil fuel. These have a limited quantity. People all over the world are using these fossil fuels every day with a huge quantity. Except for vehicles, there are other uses of fossil fuel. So, fossil fuel, which is the main source of power and energy is consuming day by day.

And according to the scientists, these fossil fuels will be finished forever within 100 years. So, it is the high time to find another source of energy. The sun is a great source of energy. But the sunlight doesn’t have

Getting Through to the Kids

I deal with all kinds of kids at the high school where I teach. Some of them are good kids who try their best to learn in the environment they’ve been placed. The rest are bad kids who do nothing but try to disrupt everyone else from learning. I had done everything in my power to try to stop the bad kids from being disruptive, but nothing would work, and I would usually have to send them to the principal for punishment. The answer to my problem was in VIP limousines for Toronto.

I used the limousine to pick up a friend of mine who I had met many years ago who was in town. This friend happened to be a professional basketball player for the Toronto Raptors. Continue reading

Want to Have Holiday in Bogor? Here We Go!

Traveling in our own country is such a nice thing to do. We can explore many interesting sites in our country. Do not forget that Indonesia has so many incredible thing to be considered. So, you do not need to be worried o find the best and the perfect destination in Indonesia when you really want to get the incredible places to be visited. One of the best cities to be considered is Bogor. As we know that Bogor offers us with the incredible tourist destination to be considered and this place is not far away at all from Jakarta. That’s why this place will offer you with the perfect destination ever.

When you decide or you are interested to be in Bogor for your holiday, you need to have many kinds of consideration. If you are from Jakarta, maybe the transportation will not be such a complicated thing to be considered. But you also need to consider about the accommodation. Accommodation is not a simple thing since this related to the place where you are going to spend your night in. That’s why we need to prepare it well.

If you find the difficulties for preparing for the holiday time you

Enjoy New Zealand in a Motorhome

Why not take you accommodations with you on your vacation? Many people choose an alternative to hotel living and camping by traveling in a motorhome during their holiday. New Zealand is the perfect place to take this opportunity.

If this is the route you choose to go on your vacation, there is a lot to consider. You should work with a reliable, experienced rental company to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable and stress-free. Fortunately, there are excellent companies ready to assist with your transportation rental—suppliers with remarkable staff members who enjoy helping you.

Not Your Average Rental Company

One of the best things about the businesses who focus on this type of rental is the full menu of services that some of them offer. In fact, the philosophy of some companies is to make each segment of their business the best—from vehicle rental to wide-ranging tourism services. A company that is usually focused on helping outdoor enthusiasts and backpackers with holiday travel arrangements will also make sure that the rental motorhome you choose will provide worry-free service.

This diversification plan is great news for anyone wishing to experience New Zealand and Australia. Whether

How To Avoid Expensive Mistakes When Visiting Major European Cities Part 1

In the excitement of visiting glamorous European cities, it’s easy to get carried away and end up with a financial headache at the end of your trip. Avoid expensive mistakes by making some savvy travel choices.

Follow these tips for a stress free trip:

TIP: Forget expensive taxis to get around. Many big city sights are concentrated in a walkable area. Barcelona, Stockholm, London, Venice and Paris are all great for walking.  Explore on your own or take a walking tour such as those offered by Blue Badge guides in London. Nip around on local buses, subways or trams. In Venice, use the traghetto gondolas instead of the fancier and far more expensive tourist gondolas to criss-cross the canals. This no frills service costs just 50 cents (70 cents US) a ride. In Amsterdam, hire a bicycle. Sometimes cash is preferred, so use your Visa Debit at ATMs to access local currency at ATMs all over Europe.

TIP: Think like a local when it comes to food and drink. Europe’s cities have some wonderful green spaces for a picnic lunch. Shop at local markets for cheeses, sausage, breads, fruit and pastries or sample ethnic street foods – Berlin has some of the best. In restaurants,

How To Avoid Expensive Mistakes When Visiting Major European Cities Part 2

European cities are a cultural feast. There’s so much to see, it’s tempting to want to do it all and hang the expense. But you don’t need to blow your budget in order to have a great time – just follow a few useful tips.

TIP: Theatre and concert tickets in Europe can cost an arm and a leg but there are plenty of free and cheap entertainment options. Summertime is great for arts and music festivals and parades. Amsterdam has lots of free concerts and London’s Royal Opera House in Covent Garden sometimes has free outdoor screenings in the cobbled courtyard of what’s happening onstage – a great atmosphere! In Paris (where you can nab an opera ticket for as little as 5 euros), pick up a copy of Pariscope at newsstands for weekly listings including free events, and in London, check out Time Out magazine.

TIP: Apart from entrance fees to many major attractions, you’ll likely fall victim to the souvenir shop and it can rapidly get out of hand and maybe even tip you over into excess baggage charges if you buy too much stuff. Keep costs down by setting a budget for souvenirs

TIP: Go easy on tipping. In

Setting aside cash for a summer break

If you are planning a holiday on sunnier shores, it pays to spend time ensuring your cash will stretch as far as possible. If you save consistently, in just a few months you could save enough to book your ticket –and take advantage of a multitude of other methods to cut the cost of a trip abroad.

Start saving

If possible, avoid charging the cost of heading to warmer climes to a credit card – and start saving instead. You might be surprised how much you can squirrel away in a short space of time in preparation for a trip.
There is an array of savings accounts to choose from that you can use for any spare cash. If you want to know you can access your cash at any time, make sure you opt for an instant access savings account. If you’re able to keep up the savings habit over several months, you could consider a regular savings account to encourage you to set aside, say, £100 a month, or whatever you can sensibly afford.

Use comparison sites

Once you’ve got the money to take the plunge, the first port of call when booking a holiday is probably the internet because this is

Travel the UK by train: Liverpool to Brighton via London

When you’re stuck in the office, and dreaming of jetting off somewhere exotic on holiday, it is easy to forget that there are hundreds of fascinating and enchanting sights to see in the UK. While some of these sights are well known, there are plenty of hidden gems that you will not be familiar with. In this article, we travel from north to south and highlight the must see attractions of three of the UK’s most vibrant and cultural towns and cities.


Sitting on the UK’s west coast, the city of Liverpool is a perfect mix of rich history and bustling modern day city life. Once the most important port city in Europe, Liverpool is also synonymous with many of the country’s most famous icons, from footballers, to the Beatles. However, if you look beyond the obvious attractions there is a wealth of things to see. Follow our footsteps in this three step guide to the city.

1.Church of St Luke: Designed by John Foster and consecrated in 1831, the Church of St Luke stands as a reminder of the hardships and conflict that Liverpool experienced during the war, and is a monument to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This

Top tips on finding your way through the European restaurant maze and saving money. Part 1.

orn between tavernas on that postcard-pretty Greek Island? Bedazzled by the array of tapas bars in Barcelona, or bewildered by the smorgasbord of Swedish fare in Stockholm? How do you tuck into some tasty local fare without it costing a packet and leaving you with a holiday hangover when your credit card bill arrives?

TIP. Avoid typical tourist traps. On the many charming Greek islands, steer clear of tavernas (small restaurants specializing in traditional Greek food) with tacky laminated color photos of dishes outside. Food here usually costs more and it’s often mediocre fare. Listen out instead for Greek voices and dine where the locals go to save money. Loyalty has its own rewards and while you may not want to eat at the same taverna every single night, most of these small , often family run restaurants will go out of their way to give returning diners free ‘extras’ like a brandy after dinner, or a dessert.

TIP. Save money on tipping. In France or Italy, it’s cheaper to have a coffee at the bar. You’ll pay more to sit on the pavement under a parasol, though the view may be worth it in some cases. In France, as in most

Shopping in New York

If you are a bona fide shopaholic, then there are plenty of opportunities across the world to indulge your habit, particularly if your first love is fashion. From Tokyo and Hong Kong to the traditional European couture capitals of London, Paris and Milan, there’s a wide world of styles out there.

But for many, New York is at the top of the list for retail enthusiasts.  As the backdrop to innumerable films and TV shows, New York is instantly recognisable – even to those who have never set foot on the main island of Manhattan.

Barneys, Bergdorf and Bloomingdales The ‘3 Bs’ form the bedrock of swanky New York shopping. Anyone who has enjoyed the fashionista excesses of Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex and the City girls will feel right at home in Barneys, Bergdorf and Bloomingdales – though remember that they also cater for men and children.

Barneys is revered as the headquarters of the über-luxurious shopping experience, and is a temple for fashion-obsessed New Yorkers – it’s very much a shop for the girl who knows her Christian Louboutins from her Manolo Blahniks.

Bergdorf Goodman is another shop for the luxury-obsessed. Located on the expensive Fifth Avenue, the store is said to

Dublin’s winter tales

Dublin is a city for all tastes and all seasons, but this January, nights of glowing pub doorways and amber-lit cobbles will be the perfect host for the city’s biggest traditional Irish music festival. From céilís to galleries, literature to theatre, the capital has it covered.

Dublin’s cultural quarter, creative hub, if-there’s-something-going-on-you-can-be-sure-it’s-here hotspot, is undisputedly Temple Bar. The cobbled streets of galleries, theatres and lively pubs are, on any given day, filled with visitors and long-lunching locals.

So the area has the perfect credentials to kick-start Ireland’s legendary festival calendar on January 25th with Temple Bar Tradfest. Combining cosy pub sessions with outdoor concerts, street performers with pipe bands, and film screenings with storytelling – Tradfest promises nothing less than an Irish music and culture extravaganza. Now seven years old, the five-day schedule is growing in ambition and accessibility – over 200 events are free. (

Legendary folk group The Dubliners anchor the festival, and are set to perform in the hauntingly beautiful Christchurch Cathedral. The iconic City Hall is another atmospheric venue hosting exhibitions and recitals.

The programme caters to for all levels of interest – you can immerse yourself in back-to-back gigs, or just enjoy the informal sessions in the pubs. Moya Brennan

Open Media Gallery Spring is the perfect time to take a city break to Europe

Why take a weekend break to Europe by train?

Gone are the days when budget flights were the only way to travel to Europe for a short break away. Taking the train is now an extremely viable option – it’s quicker, and cheaper, than you probably think. Travelling by train to Europe will open up a host of new destinations and you’ll arrive straight into the city centre.

When to go

Spring is a great time to take a weekend break in Europe. Get away from it all and experience carnivals, sporting events, festivals, romance and culture in Europe’s vibrant cities.

High-speed travel

Rail Europe

Eurostar’s high-speed services will get you to Paris in just over two hours and Brussels in just under two hours. If you were to travel by plane, would you have even left the airport after two hours?

With Eurostar and high-speed European trains you could be in the heart of Europe in just under six hours. Just six hours and you could be climbing the steps of the Dom in Cologne, enjoying Michelin-starred food in Lyon, or even going back in time with the medieval castles of Strasbourg.

Compare this time to flying and you may think it’s slower but when you take

Unforgettable all-inclusive ski holidays with Club Med

This winter has seen some of the best ski conditions yet, with powdery slopes gracing all areas of the French and Swiss Alps. Take advantage and book an unforgettable ski escape with Club Med. With great savings, there’s never been a better time to book.

When it comes to ski holidays, Club Med is frequently regarded as a pioneer of the all-inclusive concept. A brand you can trust, Club Med believes that peace of mind is key, whether you’re travelling with family, in a couple or with friends.

A Club Med all-inclusive holiday really does include everything you could possibly need with flights, accommodation, gourmet food, unlimited wines, beers and spirits, lift passes, lessons, children’s clubs, non-ski activities, après-ski entertainment and so much more!

Club Med Villages are ideally situated in 23 locations around the world. From the Olympic runs of Val D’Isere to Les Trois Vallées and Le Grand Domaine, there are resorts to suit all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Most of the resorts are ski from the door, allowing more time to enjoy the slopes.

Skiing with children need not be stressful. From interconnecting rooms to children’s clubs and lessons for all ages, Club Med’s 40 years’ experience of family holidays

Explore beautiful British Columbia, Canada with Tailor Made Travel

There are so many different ways to explore beautiful British Columbia with Tailor Made Travel. Breathtaking scenery, a friendly laid-back lifestyle, incredible wildlife and amazing outdoor adventures are the hallmarks of one of Canada’s most varied and spectacular provinces. And it’s all there just waiting to be discovered…by train, by plane, by boat, by car or by motorhome.

Visit to see a selection of some of our most comprehensive and exciting journeys. Each providing a different way to enjoy and experience the landscape, you can add any of these tours to your Canadian itinerary to create a unique holiday from scratch.

You can choose what you do and how you do it according to your taste, budget and timescales. Our friendly, expert travel consultants are here to help you plan every step of your adventure from selecting the right flights to the perfect accommodation.

Whichever way you choose to do it, do it with Tailor Made Travel.

Fabulous Vancouver Island
9 days from £589 per person

Take to the open road and holiday like the Canadians in a fabulous, well-appointed motorhome. It’s the perfect way to explore the incredible national parks, take in the stunning surrounding scenery, get up close and personal with

Your holiday starts at the airport

Does your pre-holiday headache start the minute you get the suitcases down from the top of the wardrobe?

From the frustration when the zip won’t close on your bulging suitcase to losing the directions to your airport car park, it can all feel a bit of an endurance test. But I always seem to arrive on the plane with seconds to spare, after a sprint through departures with a toddler under each arm, others seem completely serene. They’ve got plenty of time to relax and enjoy all the airport has to offer. So what’s their secret? I’ve been doing some research and here’s what I found:

Pack like a pro

Wouldn’t it be lovely to arrive at your destination with all your clothes well organised and wrinkle-free? It doesn’t have to be some crazy pipe dream. Here’s how to do it: roll knitted items and put these on the bottom, leaving a space at the wheel end for shoes. Then lay all your non-knitted clothes flat on top of the rolled layer, putting what you want to wear on the first day on the top. Then put pyjamas and toiletries on top of that. Fill zip-lock bags with pants and socks, expelling the

Pragelato Vialattea, Club Med’s newest mountain resort

Club Med’s newest mountain Resort, Club Med Pragelato Vialattea, is opening its doors in December 2012. Located in the Piedmont region (in the heart of the Italian Alps), the Resort offers ski in/ski out access to the second biggest ski domain in Europe, the Via Lattea, where the Turin Olympics took place in 2006.

In Pragelato, Club Med is reinterpreting the traditional cosy chalet atmosphere with a contemporary twist. With its cluster of chalets huddled around a central building and linked together via a network of pathways, the Resort offers the perfect accommodation for families, couples or groups of friends. Plus, with a cable car departing from the centre of the Resort, ski enthusiasts have direct access to the ski slopes of Vialattea and Pragelato, as well as the Olympic runs at Sestrières, in just four minutes. The resort is recently refurbished to include two new restaurants, a bar and a heated underground passage to take guests directly from the ski rooms to the cable car.

Club Med Pragelato is the gateway to more than 400km of slopes across six resorts. The skiing is suitable for all levels and, with ski, cross-country ski and snowboard lessons available for beginners as well as

Nature at its most awe-inspiring

Cruise holidays offer many experiences that are unique and often life-affirming – sailing past the Statue of Liberty in New York as dawn breaks or watching dolphins surfing the bow wave are just two. Sailing into a Norwegian fjord on glassy water, with mountains and ancient glaciers in the distance has to be another one of those experiences.

Fjord cruises are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. The view from the water is unparalleled – you simply can’t fathom their sheer magnitude and scale from land, and you can often access places that would take hours to reach by land. By cruising, you’re also able to see natural wonders from a different angle – what other form of travel allows you to sail past a glacier whilst sipping champagne, or witness a waterfall tumble into the water below from the comfort of your balcony?

Wherever you go in Fjordland, you’re likely to see stunning scenery, but there are a couple of spots that are guaranteed to leave you awestruck.

First is the mighty Sognefjord – the world’s longest navigable fjord. At its head, you’ll find Skjolden with its UNESCO World Heritage Urnes Stave Church and of course its stunning views.

Are you looking for your next perfect winter getaway?

Nothing quite matches the excitement of taking off on a miserable winter’s day and just a few hours later finding yourself on the perfect winter sun holiday, city break or ski adventure.

easyJet’s winter schedule for 2013/14 is on sale now and will be flying to a selection of winter sun, ski and city break destinations which are sure to be exactly what you need to see you through until the Springtime.

The airline’s winter schedule will take off from 27 October 2013 and tickets are available to book online now at Get in early for the best choice of flights and fares, available up until 2 March 2014.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a picturesque nursery slope, a seasoned professional seeking a challenge or an après ski aficionado, we pick out our favourite resorts that will offer some of the best action packed Alpine getaways for everyone to enjoy.

Apart from Cuckoo clocks, Switzerland is best known for its skiing and snowboarding thanks to the renowned ski destination of Geneva. Famed for its scenic snow-capped mountains and with more than 200 resorts within 100 kilometres of the city it is arguably one of the greatest skiing hubs in the